What is the definition of incredulous?

Incredulous: A person unwilling or unable to believe something that may be right under their nose!

In the case of the Gallup Poll below I am incredulous about the statistic that as much as 54% of Jews are incredulous concerning who and what Barack Obama is!

My friends, that is a daily double loser that I am incredibly disappointed, discouraged, disillusioned and downright despondent over.

For this majority the 54% number shows a clear indication of the delusion of US Jews concerning Obama and moreover their greater allegiance to progressive ideology than faith and the Jewish State.

Gallup Poll results: 'Obama's Approval Advantage Among U.S. Jews Narrows'

Narrows? Narrows? Why is there any approval at all let alone 54%? And why is the approval of Jews a full 8% higher than the national average? 

Sure the 54% approval is lower than the it had been by 5% but still, 54%?

What would it take to convince my landsmen that ignorance is not bliss and that in this particular case accepting the role of lemming is not only wrong but potentially deadly?

Would it be something such as an affiliation, friendship and mentorship with a man who is a racist and blatant hater of the Jews? A man who is a friend of Louis Farrakhan? If so we can check that one off as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright certainly fits the bill.

How about a blatant and overt dislike/hatred for the State of Israel? When you are done here read 'Obama's Israel Hatred: A Timeline!' to see a chronology. In other words, check. 

How about bending over backwards to basically insure that Iran gets the BOMB? Obama is in the middle of trying to accomplish that one right now by giving away the store and further by not mandating that the rogue state acknowledge Israel's right to exist? Check!

Any blatant disrespect for the leader of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu? Check!

Has the President's shown disdain for any religion, Judaism included, while acting as the lead apologist for Islam going so far as his exhibiting an inability to even utter the words...radical Islam? Check!

Of course there is more but simply looking at these four I am incredulous that Jews voted for Barack Obama not once, but twice!

This Gallup Poll, while showing a weakening of Jewish support, still comes in at an astounding and completely unbelievable level of 54% of Jews approving of the job that this President is doing.

What is it going to take to wake them up? I shudder to think about it!



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