Online file management systems, file management program, or document management program help organizations be efficient with their file, document, and record management. In lieu of storing critical business information on paper documents or in folders, it is more advantageous and convenient to store them online. We'll see how.

Access it from anywhere: What would you do in case you are at a client meeting and suddenly must show them a presentation that you thought was not important and did not copy on to your laptop computer? Would you like it in case you deal hangs in the balance for lack of a single presentation? Would not it be great in case you can access the file from your current location?

This is the portability that this method offers. Since you have stored the file on the cloud, you can access it from much anywhere. If your file management method comes with a mobile application, you can access it from your smart phone or tablet .

Systematic, standardized, and streamlined: Every organization develops information and stores this in a variety of formats. Not all documents are the same and not all can be saved at the same place. Some are used over others and some have information more critical to business than others and some have information meant only for a few eyes.

This application lets you store this variety of documents with their own custom properties. You can profile the documents so that they are standardized and streamline the workflow accordingly.

Safety and security: This technique has several kinds of safety mechanisms. The knowledge stored on the cloud in servers has its own security and encryption to deter any unauthorized access.

Another way security can be guaranteed is by controlling access to knowledge. The files or documents can be accessed only with the right security credentials. Only the right people will be given these credentials.

These security authorizations can be done on a role-basis . For example, an worker working in the sales team won't need access to the production knowledge. Similarly, the HR professional would have no need to access the product's pricing knowledge. The administrator can permit privileges accordingly so that only employees who genuinely need access to the knowledge will get it.

An additional safety mechanism built in this technique is versioning. In some industries like publishing for example, a document has to go through several steps before it can be published. At each step, some knowledge is added or removed from the document. If some knowledge was deleted either maliciously or by mistake, then the whole method has to be started from the scratch. But with this versioning feature, there is no need for that. At every step, new versions of the document can be created so that there is always a version of the document intact from the earlier step. If anything did happen, it is only a matter of using the earlier version without having to do it all over again.

 more safety feature is the audit trail which logs all steps a document is taken through. This improves accountability and deters any malicious content.

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