The Telegraph: Military plane crashes during test flight near Seville

Military plane with six on board crashes during test flight near Seville, killing four and forcing Britain to 'pause' its use of the A400M

A military plane has crashed near Seville, coming down in a field 15 minutes after take off and bursting into flames, killing four people and leaving the other two passengers seriously injured.

Spain's air traffic controllers said on their Twitter account that the pilots had communicated just before the impact that a fault was affecting the flight. The impact occurred a mile north of Seville airport, they said.

Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, said all of those on board were Spanish employees of Airbus.

WNU Editor: This occurred during a test flight which raises serious questions on what went wrong during this Airbus' A400M transport plane flight test. Bottom line .... this is a serious setback for Airbus.

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