Al Jazeera: ‘They’ll Never Stop Us’: The Drug Runners Fueling Afghanistan’s Epidemic

Authorities appear to be unable or unwilling to stop those behind the multibillion dollar trafficking industry

Afghanistan is in the grips of a drug epidemic that some say is far more dangerous than the Taliban. And those behind the trade remain defiant in the face of efforts to rid the country of their presence.

“They’ll never stop us. You see, we’ve tasted the profits, so we’ll never let go,” said one smuggler when asked whether the government would ever be able to stop the illegal business.

“Sometimes they try and raid us, but we have lots of drug labs and places to hide the goods. The border is also very porous, so there’s no way to stop the flow,” the smuggler told Al Jazeera’s “101 East.”

WNU Editor: An eye-opening look at Afghanistan's drug trade .... and .... the enormous damage that it has done to Afghanistan. The above video is a must see.

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