Daily Mail: The real navy seals: Siberian aquatic army don military gear and perform 'rifle tricks' for 70th anniversary of the Allied win in the Second World War

* Circus in Siberia train seals to use 'rifles' and shoot waterguns
* Video shows the mammals salute their 'commander' and march
* Performance coincide with 70th anniversary of Allied WWII victory

A circus in Siberia have trained their seals to perform a special routine for this weekend's Victory Day celebrations in Moscow.

A video shows the two seals - dressed in military headgear - raising a flag and shooting at targets after performing a proper salute.

Their performance coincided with the annual Victory Day parade in the Russian capital, this year marking the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.

WNU Editor: After seeing the above video I must confess that it is moments like this one where I am ashamed to tell people that my nationality is (cough cough) Russian.

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