There are many who believe that Leonardo Da Vinci hid secrets and codes in his artwork and writings. And there are many who believe he had some sort of connection with aliens.

Did Da Vinci secretly hide an alien face in his famous ‘Mona Lisa’? 

The Mona Lisa.

It is only a portrait and yet it seems to have dimensions and mysteries that have yet to be explained. It is a different kind of a portrait, but something that we you look at, mysteriously takes you away between the details and the colors.

It is known that Leonardo used techniques in his paintings, using the mirror to see different dimensions and aspects. So is it possible that Leonardo applied his mirror technique to hide secret messages in the Mona Lisa?

If this is true then it’s reasonable to assume that the Mona Lisa was in fact painted in order to conceal important historical and religious facts possibly regarding the extraterrestrial presence and its surreptitious involvement within the Roman Catholic Church.

And it is not the first time hidden messages/images were discovered
in Da Vinci’s work also 'The last supper' contains hidden images. See our article: Hidden Image Exposed in Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" Painting

What most people know about Leonardo, is that between 1476 to 1478 there is a “gap” in his life. What happened to him during this period and why did he vanish? How could someone like him go somewhere and that there be no written evidence.

Some believe that during his time away, he received tutoring from beings not of this earth. What we know for certain is that when Leonardo reappeared in Florence in 1478, his creative output reached a whole new level, going beyond art and extending to a number of other disciplines. More information about Da Vinci's secrets and strange images Read more here.

Another mysterious painting is the ‘Vitruvian Man’.

To this very day, the artist’s portrayal of the human form has been considered to hold a hidden mathematical code as well as the already deciphered Fibonacci ratio (more commonly known as… the Golden Mean).

Is the Vitruvian Man a human blueprint code part of a cosmic message?

A human blueprint painted as and into an unusual elongated Pentagon and maybe it’s coincidence but then why is this very specific geometry also encrypted into Stonehenge, Giza and the most awe inspiring place of all… engineered into a five-sided man made mountain on Mars?

A hidden message that the human form is not entirely a creature evolved by chance through natural selection, but there has to be is a design code that life conforms to… a life force originating from the central nucleus of the universe and perhaps it claimed evidence of the place of human origins.

We may wonder whether all of Da Vinci’s inventions were his ‘inventions’ or reproductions of what he had privileged to bare witness to… Records of the hi-tech technology once used by those who visited… from another world? More information about the Vitruvian Man Read more here.

Below two videos of the supposed alien face hidden in the Mona Lisa painting.


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