Voice of America: Amnesty: Torture of POWs is Rife in Ukraine Conflict

Rights group Amnesty International says it has gathered "overwhelming evidence" that Ukrainian forces, pro-government militias, and anti-government separatists have tortured or mistreated prisoners, describing it as "widespread" and "frequent."

Amnesty released a report Friday detailing information from interviews with former captives of both the separatists and government forces.

“In the shadow of eastern Ukraine’s still-smouldering conflict, our on-the-ground research shows that accounts of detainee torture are as commonplace as they are shocking." said John Dalhuisen, Europe and Central Asia Program Director at Amnesty International. "More than 30 former prisoners held by both sides gave us consistent and harrowing accounts of their captors’ abuse.”

WNU Editor: The Amnesty International report on Ukraine is here.

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