WSJ: A Top-Secret NSA Site Draws Swipes, Shrugs

Utah’s reaction to data center mirrors wider ambivalence over surveillance programs.

As a defiant statement against what it sees as government overreach, a group of Utahans “adopted” the desert highway that leads to the National Security Agency’s secretive and sprawling new facility in Bluffdale.

Their novel plan: While collecting trash along their stretch of road, they would simultaneously protest outside the NSA building, spreading the “Restore the Fourth” message in favor of Fourth Amendment protections against illegal search and seizure.

But their plan soon wilted thanks to a lack of organization and a lack of enthusiasm for more protests.

“What we’re working on now is consolidating and coordinating our actions with other organizations,” said Dan Garfield, who leads Restore the Fourth’s Utah chapter. He said there is no timeline for the next protest.

WNU Editor: There has definitely been a drop in news coverage on the story .... and on the political level .... both Republicans and Democrats appear to be on board for the NSA to continue doing its surveillance and data gathering programs.

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