Stop it already! When it comes to making a deal with Iran that will all but guarantee the rogue terrorist state will acquire nuclear weapons, Obama knows exactly what he's doing!

I say this despite the claims from the Right that he is merely an incompetent and naive fool who is being played by Iran.

I say this despite the claims on the Left that Obama knows exactly what he is doing and that the Right are  nothing but conspiracy theorists.

I say this despite the admonishments delivered by his spoke-puppets at the White House, State Department and Pentagon that an acceptable and VERIFIABLE deal can be reached.

Obama is not a dumb man and he's a man who has the counsel of the best military and tactical minds in the world.

Obama is a political man who has also seen and heard the clear and loud objections from both sides of the aisle in Congress to a nuclear deal with Iran.

He's a man who has heard the cries from Israel and the other nations around the Middle East that a nuclear Iran cannot be allowed to happen.

He's a man who knows that Iran is the worlds leading state sponsor of terror and has watched while that country has actually provoked us DURING negotiations with aggressive acts against the US and our allies.

He has no doubt heard the recent messages of Iranian religious leaders, the true leaders of that nation, that all in the west and Israel in particular must be destroyed.

And what would enable that quicker than providing the rogue nation with a clear pathway to nukes as many believe this deal would accomplish (assuming that they don't already have nukes that is)?

So why is Barack Obama obsessed with striking a nuclear deal with Iran?

Pundits will claim it's because he is trying to cement a Nixonian legacy with a foreign policy coup.

I would truly like to think it's because he knows something about this situation that I don't but that doesn't seem to be possible from what I see and hear.


By making excuses for Barack Obama and his intentions you insult my intelligence as well as the intelligence of any thinking American!

Sadly and apparently Barack Obama is singularly focused on a nuclear deal with Iran because Barack Obama WANTS IRAN TO ACQUIRE A NUCLEAR WEAPON!

It may be because of his hatred of Israel or for a variety of other potential reason but...

Discussions and claims that the reason is anything other than BARACK OBAMA WANTS IRAN TO ACQUIRE A NUCLEAR WEAPON is merely an exercise in mental masturbation!

See - Has Obama's Jew/Israel hatred gotten better or worse? (Video)



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