What is very sad is the un-British, undemocratic emphasis on the party leaders not the parties.

Ed Miliband revealed that he is genuinely left-wing, Ralph's son. Very bad news indeed. The audience, who were stars, shredded him.

Asked if he accepted the last government had overspent, he said: 

"No I don’t....because there are schools that have been rebuilt in our country, there are hospitals that have been rebuilt, there are Sure Start centres which were built which would not have happened so I don’t agree with that." 
I think he lost the audience there. He is clearly unfit to hold office

Toby Young in the Telegraph was good about the audience. 

"To be fair, there are always Tories in the QT audience, but they usually get drowned out by the more outspoken, virtue-signalling lefties. Not this time."

A great phrase. I used to be a virtue signally person who loathed Mrs. Thatcher.

Nick Clegg was vastly more impressive than Miliband.It helps being a public school man. You would buy a second-hand car from him. I am sure that David Cameron was best of the three. Cameron and Clegg are nice people which Miliband is not. But why is the successor to Gladstone proud of fighting to prevent cuts in public spending? And he always wants to restrict freedom, even favouring press regulation

44% of viewers of Question Time felt that David Cameron had done “best on the night”, 38% for Ed, 19% for Nick Clegg

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