Reuters: Ukraine says it will prosecute captured Russian soldiers for 'terrorist' acts

Ukraine on Monday accused two Russian servicemen it said it had captured of being part of a special forces group that had killed and wounded Ukrainian servicemen in fighting in its eastern regions and said they would be prosecuted for "terrorist acts".

The Ukrainians seized on the capture of the two Russians, both wounded, to boost their accusations of direct Russian military involvement in the separatist conflict despite a ceasefire signed in February. But Russia denied any role there.

In a video posted online by the Ukrainian interior ministry, one of the prisoners gave his name as Alexander Alexandrov. He said he had been on a spying mission as part of a 14-member "dirty tricks" group from the central Russian town of Togliatti.

"We were discovered. I was wounded in the leg as I tried to get away... We've been here 4-5 days," he said.

WNU Editor: I have always remarked in this blog that I would be very surprised if Russian special forces/intelligence officers were not present in eastern Ukraine. What I have been surprised is that it is only now that two have been captured .... if Ukraine government reports are to be believed. Will this make a difference in the conflict itself .... no. Most Ukrainians and most Russians believe that there are Russian special forces in eastern Ukraine .... so no one's opinion is going to change on that topic. This is still primarily a conflict between Kiev and eastern Ukraine .... and absent any talks or reconciliation this will only mean a continuation in the war.

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