Being a doctor in America!

Remember when you were a kid and you went to the pediatricians office with your mom or dad? There was a receptionist, a couple of nurses and the rest were doctors.

That is certainly not the case today where in a doctors office the administrative staff will outnumber the medical staff by a significant amount.

This cold hard fact of massively increasing overhead, combined with massive government regulation and reduced reimbursements from insurance companies, makes the business of medicine increasingly difficult!


[The chart] outlines the growth of administrators in healthcare compared to physicians over the last forty years. And, it includes an overlay of America’s healthcare spending over that same time. Take a look at the yellow color. A picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

You see, when you have that much administration, what you really have is a bunch of meetings. Lots of folks carrying their coffee from place to place. They are meeting about more policies, more protocols to satisfy government-created nonsense. But, this type of thing in healthcare isn’t fixing things. It’s not moving the needle.

What moves things is innovation.

Innovation, indeed. But it's not easy to innovate in stagnant, hyper-regulated, captured sectors...'

The proof is in the pudding here:

The question is whether this problem of government intrusion is going to get worse and, if not, what that will mean for our quality of healthcare in America?


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