LA officers take part in the first full session of the “All-Military Internet Security and Informatization Expert Consultation Commission” on May 21, 2015. China media Project

The Diplomat: Chinese Military Declares the Internet an Ideological ‘Battleground’

Could the PLA’s idea of an online “ideological struggle” lead to a cyber war?

China’s military newspaper, the People’s Liberation Army Daily, warned on Wednesday that China must “resolutely protect ideological and political security on the invisible battleground of cyberspace.” The call to arms against “Western hostile forces” on the Internet comes amidst a broader push for tighter Internet controls, including experiments with offensive cyber capabilities against websites that have been banned in China.

WNU Editor: The Chinese military cannot win the culture war against the West .... and filtering what is permitted (or what is not) on the web is a Herculean task that will not work unless China starts banning the platforms that are used by web users. The possibility of no more Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube .... and replacing these sites with Chinese regulated versions .... I have trouble seeing how such a strategy will work.

The Chinese Military Is Warning That The World Wide Web Is An Ideological ‘Battleground’

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