Voice of America: US Officials Alarmed at New Syrian Rebel Alliance

GAZIANTEP, TURKEY - Battlefield gains by insurgents in northern Syria, in an alliance dominated by an al-Qaida affiliate, and hardline Islamist militias are presenting the Obama administration with a dilemma — whether to support the new insurgent momentum against President Bashar al-Assad or to have nothing to do with it, U.S. officials say.

While the victories last month and this month over forces loyal to Assad in Idlib province west of Aleppo may mark a turning point in the fortunes of the rebels in the long-running, bloody civil war that has left more than 200,000 dead, U.S. officials say they are alarmed at the composition of the alliance known as Jaish al-Fata, or the Army of Conquest, announced on March 28.

WNU Editor: The above video is a must see on what is happening in Syria today.

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