Politico: A Saudi snub?

Saudi King Salman will skip Camp David summit, sending his crown prince instead.

Call it the “Saudi snub.” Or, if you are the White House, don’t.

After Saudi Arabia announced Sunday that its king had cancelled plans to attend President Barack Obama’s summit of Gulf Arab states at Camp David this week, the White House raced to snuff out talk of a royal snub.

On Monday, Obama administration officials strongly disputed reports of tension with the monarch, arguing that Saudi King Salman is merely preoccupied with his country’s military campaign in Yemen. White House officials also said Obama and the king had spoken on Monday afternoon about their countries’ cooperation.

WNU Editor: These meetings are always planned weeks/months in advance, and to cancel now .... yup .... the Saudis are sending a message. As to what is everyone else thinking .... after reading news reports from about a dozen wire services/news websites around the world, the perception in the global community is that this is a snub .... and a deliberate one.

Update: Obama speaks to Saudi king, White House plans Camp David statement -- Reuters

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