Russian President Putin and Security Council Secretary Ivanov listen to then Iranian chief nuclear negotiator Rouhani during their meeting in the Moscow's Kremlin.

Elena Holodny, Business Insider: Why Russia fears an Iran nuclear deal

Immediately after six world powers, including Russia, reached an interim deal with Iran on curbing its nuclear program, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree lifting a ban on the delivery of S-300 anti-missile rocket systems and Moscow announced the start of an oil-for-goods swap with Iran.

Russia's actions made it look as though Tehran and Moscow were the world's newest best friends who "can do whatever they like," especially given that there's still a ways to go before a final nuclear deal.

However, Russia may have been quick to act not because it loves Iran so much, but because the Kremlin is afraid that its position on the global stage will be weaker if Tehran's and Washington's relations improve.

WNU Editor:I am not sure about this commentary. Russian - Iranian relations have always been based on pursuing mutual interests .... and I do not see that changing with an Iranian nuclear deal. In fact .... a nuclear deal will mean the end of sanctions and the flow of investments and monies to Iran ... meaning .... more funds for Iran to purchase Russian products from S-300 systems to nuclear reactors.

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