There is concrete evidence to suggest that Mother Earth herself is shifting her vibration. The Frequency Resonance of the Earth has jumped from 7.82 hertz to almost 14 Hertz.

Every time this has happened, which has been about every 3600 years, there has been an evolutionary jump in human kinds development.

And a few days ago, the Schumann frequency hit 16.5. This demonstrates that the earth itself is changing…she is literally speeding up! Perhaps Mother Earth’s change of vibration is not only to the harmonic of 528 is kick-starting our DNA re-activation, continue reading on Earth’s frequency and vibration at TheEventchronicle

It is said that an unknown planetary body (PlanetX/Nibiru) returns every 3600 years, it is possible that the on-going change in Earth’s vibration is due to the arrival of this planetary body?

When this planetary system enters earth’s orbital plane, when it does, it causes the earth to tilt, or rotate several degrees off its axes. When this occurs, it causes changes in the earth’s magnetosphere, ecosystem, and overall planet environment, creating massive destruction and chaos.

In recent months much has been written on the several sites about the return of the so-called PlanetX/Nibiru and it seems the PlanetX/Nibiu threat gets a new life on the forums.

Now, I have heard the story about PlanetX/Nibiru already for several years and in 2012 this planetary body would arrive with all the terrible consequences for humanity, but nothing happened, so decide for yourself, whether you do or do not believe in the existence of this unknown planetary body.

Furthermore, according to AllNewsPipeline, we may wonder why governments around the Globe are so busy with historical military exercises, emergence of the AIIB, BRICS, CHIPS, massive seed banks, state size underground storage facilities and unprecedented amount of FEMA installations, public control, and martial law preparations.

The only point what makes me wonder is the fact that Earth’s vibration/frequency is speeding up and it seems to happen every 3600 years which is equal to the return of the so-called PlanetX/Nibiru every 3600 years.

And we may wonder whether the government already know that something is going to happen in the near future, considering all their preparations. Continue reading on the government preparations including a revealing NavySeal statement on Planet X/Nibiru here.

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