Daily Mail: Revealed, Royal Navy has just ONE nuclear submarine on active duty

* The HMS Astute is the only new hunter-killer submarine on active patrol
* Four of the other submarines are still in production after numerous delays
* HMS Ambush is yet to complete a maiden voyage after 57 defects found
* Royal Navy is bolstering its resources by using older ships for defences

The Royal Navy has just one nuclear powered submarine in operation after the rest of the fleet has been left out of action due to defects and damage.

Four of the Royal Navy's new multi-billion hunter and killer submarines are still in dock at Barrow-in-Furness because of defects that have delayed their production - 15 years after the new ships were first ordered.

Only two of the boats have actively joined the fleet, and one has already had to return to the dock and can only be used for training after more than 50 defects were found.

Update: Don’t tell Moscow: Five of Britain's six nuclear subs held up in the repair shed -- Express

WNU Editor: Did someone say "lemon"?

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