It was really a nice day for walking. All the flowers are out, the tulips have all sprouted and some of them(just like ours) are almost wilting. All the trees are showing their beautiful blossoms.
Even the Canadian Geese have come back from their winter slumber. How nice to see them again in our park.
The weather was a balmy 24C when me and my son walked to my very first Garage Sale in 2015. We managed to leave the house at 7:30 and visited 3 homes holding sales with 1 of them an estate sale. We went home with a $10 red bench from the Estate sale.
This is the first house.The owner of the house did not price his items to sell. He was hesitant to offer discounts and thus most oftentimes people walked away not buying anything.
This is the second house.There was hardly any stuff to buy. I guess she just wanted to get rid of some of her unusable belongings.
This is the third house. The house has already been sold after the family patriarch passed away in March. So everything in the house has to go. You know that the children who were operating the sale were all motivated to get rid of all the stuff in the house.
The owner's daughter invited me inside the house since there were still a lot of items that they havent brought out which included plates, kitchen ware and furnitures. You could see that the previous owners (a husband and wife) had taken cared of their stuff pretty well.
I saw a lot of furnitures that were priced well including this red bench that I bought for $10. I didnt bargain anymore since another lady was going to beat me to purchase the chair so I handed the owner my payment as fast as I could.
Thanks to my son, he brought it home even if we didn't have a car with us.
It's a red chair so while I am still thinking on where best to put it, I temporarily placed it in my living room.
In the meantime, I have to get up early on Sunday since I have another garage sale to go to near out home.Nice things normally get sold first thing in the morning so I have to be up early!

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