I suppose if you are Iranian or a member of ISIS the Obama hatred of Israel has gotten better and if you are Israeli or believe in world security it has gotten worse!

The video in this article was made in 2011 and highlights some of the covert and mostly overt hatred for Jews and the Jewish State clearly on display from Barack Obama!

But given the 2011 date, the video doesn't take into consideration Barack Obama's almost maniacal focus on making some bogus and unspeakably dangerous nuclear deal with Iran, the spread of ISIS across much of the Middle East, loss of trust in the US by many Middle Easter 'allies', the demise of the Yemeni government, the slide in Syria and the continued loss of Iraq to name just a few of the failures that have all allowed Islamic extremism to spread.

And yet the Left in this country, unfortunately including a majority of Jews, sit back and put their progressive ideology above the only ally that we have in the Middle East, Israel.

And this video most certainly doesn't touch on Barack Obama's spending over 20 years in the pews of the church of Jew-hating Reverend Jeremiah (Louis Farrakhan-loving) Wright or his selection of Jew-hating Reverend Al (Crown Heights riots) Sharpton as his race czar.

When will the world and the libs in this country finally notice what this President is trying to do both at home and abroad and then put country over self and political party?

Of course what Barack Obama counts on is that the answer to that question is never and that Americans will stay preoccupied with crap like Bruce Jenner's sex change, unable to see what is happening to the country before their eyes.

So when will they see the light? Unfortunately it may be when it's too late as it was in Nazi Germany!



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