Hassan Nasrallah gives an interview to Syrian television (Photo: AFP/AL-IKHBARIYA)

Jerusalem Post: Nasrallah: Downfall of Assad would mean fall of Hezbollah

Both Assad and Hezbollah have been fighting against a Sunni Islamist dominated opposition, which includes various jihadi groups such as al-Qaida’s Nusra Front and Islamic State.

Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime must be preserved, as its collapse would mean the end of Hezbollah and the “axis of resistance,” the Lebanese movement’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has said, according to a Lebanese paper close to the Islamic group.

He went on to assert that Assad would not be overthrown, but that it would not be possible for his forces to recover control over all of Syria.

WNU Editor: As much as Iran and Hezbollah do not want to see the regime of Syrian President Assad fall .... it is going to be hard to prop him up .... Despite Iranian-Hezbollah support, 'in the long run it is hard to see how Assad can survive' (Ariel Ben Solomon, Jerusalem Post).

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