Lebanon's Hezbollah deputy leader Sheikh Naim Qassem gestures as he speaks during an interview with Reuters at his office in Beirut's suburbs, April 7, 2014. Reuters/ Issam Kobeisi

Reuters: Hezbollah sees no end to Syria war, Mideast at risk of partition

Lebanon's Hezbollah says the Middle East is at risk of partition and sees no end to the war in Syria, where it is fighting alongside President Bashar al-Assad against insurgents supported by his regional enemies.

Sheikh Naim Qassem, deputy leader of the Iranian-backed group, said the insurgents would be unable to topple the Assad government despite their recent gains in battle, including this week's capture of Palmyra by the Islamic State jihadist group.

In an interview with Reuters, Qassem said Assad's allies - Iran, Russia and Hezbollah - would back him "however long it takes". There could be no solution to the war without Assad, and it was time for "Arabs and the world" to realize that, added the white-turbaned cleric, speaking at Hezbollah offices in Beirut.

WNU Editor: The Lebanese civil war went on for years (1975 to 1990) .... Lebanon's Hezbollah deputy leader Sheikh Naim Qassem appears resigned to the real possibility that the Syrian civil war may actually break that record.

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