The long May day holiday weekend has everyone scrambling to find a place to stay in tiny Singapore.Well our holiday was booked long before since our Marriot Asia Pacific points are not being used for the longest time so we decided to use it for this stay at super expensive and luxurious Ritz Carlton Millenia.
Just look at the spacious room which at over 549 square feet is one the largest rooms we have stayed in.
We don't plan to go out that much but just spend the whole day inside our room.Just look at these fascinating views from our room.
When we entered the room we immediately checked in its amenities.
Our check in was a breeze since as soon as we entered the hotel a concierge was already waiting for us to check us in. We were given welcome drinks and we were directed to the Japanese check in reception desk.
This is our Hainese Chicken Rice breakfast the following day.

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