Their friendly staff more than made up for this hotels shortcomings.
1. I was given a room in the SPG floor but my room smelled like menthol I later found out from housekeeping that the room was newly painted which explains that unbearable smell.luckily they transferred me out to another room.
2. I was calling front desk and my phone wasn't working. After a few minutes they sent up someone to ask what i was calling reception about.
3. My rooms fridge door was defective . But when I called housekeeping to send me some ice the staff was knocking at my door with ice within minutes. I guess the hotel doesn't have not much guests or they are simply attentive.
4. When I inquired about free shuttle a very attentive concierge told me how and where to go near the hotel.
5. The hotel is at a corner road near Al Riga street about 5 min walk from Al riga metro station.
6. My room had all ihg amenities including soft pillows, bathrobe etc.
7. I hope they can renovate soon since tiles in the bathroom are cracked and fixtures in the room had seen better days.elevator to rooms is also small.
8,thanks for allowing me a late check out time ( being an ihg member).
9. Free wifi up to 3 laptops or phones. Free shuttle to the beach at 9 am daily. Your staff are very attentive to guests requests!

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