Eli Lake, Bloomberg: With Plane Delivery, Iran Sanctions Collapsing Already

With a deadline to end nuclear negotiations less than two months away, the crippling sanctions against Iran are already beginning to collapse. The latest evidence came over the weekend when nine used commercial airliners arrived in Iran to bolster the fleet of Mahan Air.

The U.S. has threatened to sanction western companies that sell planes to Iran, although a prohibition against Iran acquiring airplane spare parts was lifted in an interim agreement signed with Iran at the end of 2013. U.S. officials have also said that sanctions to punish Iran's support of terrorism and human rights violations will remain in place if the nuclear sanctions are lifted.

WNU Editor: With the exception of Israel, the Sunni-Arab bloc, and some in Congress .... everyone wants these sanctions gone. There is literally hundreds of billions of dollars at stake .... and those who are in the door first will get the lion share of the profit. The fact that Iran has a long history of being s state sponsor of terror and is always calling for the destruction of Israel .... not an issue for those who are solely focused on the commercial possibilities.

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