Photo Illustration by Alex Williams/The Daily Beast

Nancy A Yousef, Daily Beast: Iraq’s B.S. About Killing ISIS Bosses

Another day, another dubious claim about a top terrorist’s death. What’s going on here?

On Wednesday, the Iraqi Defense Ministry said ISIS’s No. 2 leader, Alaa al-Afri, had been killed in an airstrike targeting a mosque in the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar. The ministry released a video of what it called the Iraqi strike that killed al-Afri. The problem: The video was actually May 4 video of a coalition strike in Mosul, 40 miles away.

And given that Al-Afri spoke at a mosque in Mosul Friday, it is impossible that the released video could have been of the No. 2 commander’s death.

It’s not the first time Iraq has made dubious claims about offing ISIS chiefs. The question is: why do they keep doing it?

WNU Editor: When Iraq announced last week that they had killed the Islamic State's #2 leader .... even the U.S. expressed its doubts. This has become a case where the Iraqi government has cried wolf one too many times.

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