Sunni tribesmen attend a ceremony to present them with weapons at camp Habbaniyah, in the eastern city of Ramadi April 8, 2015. (Reuters)

Washington Post: Plan to train Iraqi tribal fighters to face Islamic State lifts hopes in Anbar

AMERIYAT AL-FALLUJA , Iraq — More than 1,000 recruits stood at attention in fatigues, their heads held high, during a ceremony Friday for what Iraqi officials hope marks the formation of a force to push out the Islamic State militants who control most of Anbar.

The next military offensive against the extremist Sunni group is expected to take place in this western province, Iraq’s largest. Under an agreement between local leaders and key officials in the capital, including the prime minister, it is hoped that the largely tribal recruits will play an important role in that offensive. As many as 6,000 tribesmen could be trained and armed, which officials and tribal elders in the predominantly Sunni area describe as an important step in repairing fraught relations with the Shiite-dominated authority in Baghdad.

But mistrust festers.

WNU Editor: Too little .... too late.

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