Nancy A. Youssef, Daily Beast: Iraqis Now Blaming U.S. for Losing Ramadi to ISIS

The Americans weren’t the ones who ran away as ISIS detonated its car bombs. But they were the ones who held back Iraqi reinforcements, Iraqi politicians and militia leaders say.

The Iraqi army may have fled, as ISIS attacked the key city of Ramadi. But it’s the United States that’s now being blamed in Iraq—at least in some quarters—for losing the battle.

On the streets of Baghdad, Iraqis said afterward that had Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi sent Shiite militias to Ramadi sooner—and not acquiesced to U.S. demands to lean on Iraqi troops—the so-called Islamic State would not be in control there. Abadi gave the United States too much say over Iraq military operations, they argue.

Naim Alubdi, spokesman for one such Shiite militia, Asaaib al-Haqq, placed blame for the loss at the prime minister and his American allies, not the Iraqi army, which fled the fight reportedly after enduring a series of car bomb attacks.

WNU Editor: They have to blame someone (rather than themselves)  .... and with reports like this one .... EXCLUSIVE: The stunning story of the fall of Ramadi (RUDAW) .... it will only feed into the narrative that "unseen forces" were responsible for the fall of the city and the defeat of the Iraqi Army.

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