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Daily Mail: Submariner on run after he says 'Trident's unsafe': Fugitive claims security lapses put UK on brink of nuclear disaster

* Sailor William McNeilly claimed Britain is on verge of 'nuclear catastrophe'
* Navy seaman, 25, said security checks are ignored on Trident submarines
* Mr McNeilly, missing since April, said nuclear subs were a terror target
* Royal Navy denies 'unsubstantiated personal views' of a junior sailor

A Royl Navy submariner was on the run last night after claiming Britain is on the brink of a nuclear disaster because of dangerous safety and security lapses with Trident.

The police and the Navy are searching for seaman William McNeilly after he published an 18-page dossier claiming the submarine programme is a ‘disaster waiting to happen’.

The whistleblower claimed the missiles on the vessels were vulnerable to a terrorist attack that would ‘kill our people and destroy our land’.

He then fled after saying he feared he could ‘lose everything’ for divulging secrets.

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