AFP: Russia raises Stalin's ghost amid nostalgia for past glories

Moscow (AFP) - Law student Mikhail Kosyrev used to have a negative view of Stalin but his attitude has drastically changed in recent years, he said, insisting the wartime tyrant meant well.

"Over the past five years I've often watched documentary films about Stalin, about that time on television and learnt more about him," the 29-year-old told AFP.

"And now I don't have any negative feelings towards him. He had good intentions."

Since President Vladimir Putin took power in 2000, there has been a growing chorus of Russians who take a positive view of the Soviet tyrant's role in history.

WNU Editor: Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot .... these monsters will always have their supporters .... regardless of the evidence of the crimes that they did. In regards to Stalin .... when I hear people say that "he had good intentions" .... I just cringe .... and that is when I explode in anger at those who say such stupid things.

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