Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast: Does New Tape Prove ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Is Alive?

ISIS released a new audio recording, supposedly of its injured leader, which references recent events such as Saudi military action in Yemen.

ISTANBUL — The Islamic State, otherwise known as ISIS, released an audio message today purporting to be from its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—the first time he has been heard from in months, and as deserters from his group say he is still recovering from serious spinal injuries sustained nearly two months ago in a coalition airstrike.

In the audio message posted on Islamic militant websites and titled “March Forth Whether Light or Heavy,” al-Baghdadi exhorts Muslims to join his terror army’s self-proclaimed caliphate, saying, “Coexistence with Jews and Christians” is impossible according to the Quran and the “explicit statement” of Allah.

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