Vocativ: ISIS’ Navy SEALs “Made Me Laugh” Says USMC Veteran

ISIS is playing at Navy SEAL, but their lack of real proficiency may be less important than the video's utility as a recruitment tool

The Islamic State is now touting an elite, Navy SEAL-like group of swashbuckling, amphibious-style commandos who are able to spring from the water in a blink of an eye to take out enemies in broad daylight.

In a new video obtained by Vocativ, ISIS is shown unveiling its newest band of special forces, a black-clad brigade that purportedly uses the Tigris River in Iraq to stage a series of stealth attacks. Like previous attempts by the group to promote its prowess, the film is at turns terrifying and hilarious.

Military experts who reviewed the footage say it reveals little about the commandos’ actual proficiency as fighters. They concede, however, that the video proves to be a powerful piece of propaganda.

Update: New ISIS ‘Navy SEAL’ Propaganda Video Leaves Real American Soldiers Unimpressed -- Inquisitr

WNU Editor: The professional soldiers may not be impressed with the tactics and methods being displayed in the video .... but as a propaganda video .... which is the real point of this video .... it is very effective.

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