1.The word fascist is unhelpful for describing Muslim authoritarian states or people who don't like homosexual marriage or more immigration but it's fairly appropriate to describe the Labour Party and the left. What do I mean by fascism? Who better than to define it than Benito Mussolini?
"All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state."
New Labour decided to allow the economy to be outside the state, so they are not the whole fascistic hog, but they decided, in the words of Frank Johnson, to nationalise people instead. This is in some ways worse. UKIP by contrast in many ways are (Gladstonian) liberals.

2. On the subject of freedom and the size of the state, I have to say the Tory government (not a new government, as David Cameron has not resigned) has made a good start by promising today to  repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights.  Let's also resile from the European Convention on Human Rights and copy something like the US Bill of Rights, sans the bit about guns (too controversial). Especially let's have the First Amendment allowing free speech, abolishing the crime of hate speech. Let's have common law rights but not so-called human rights which are often infringements of other people's rights. What on earth for heaven's sake is the right to family life or the right to privacy? Why should anyone have a right to privacy?

3. But the Tories should go much further and reinstate the double jeopardy rule, remove a lot of anti-terrorist legislation, abolish secret trials.This would concentrate everyone's mind on how illiberal Labour were. They should abolish hate crimes and why not anti-discrimination laws? 

4. Unfortunately but necessarily European countries should also leave the UN Convention on Refugees if we want to prevent indigenous Europeans becoming a minority in Western Europe. Instead refugees should find refuge in the continents from which they come, with financial help from the rich countries.

5. Tories will now start losing by-elections but to whom? Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP? It will depend on each constituency but UKIP might revive at the Liberal Democrats' expense. Who can tell?

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