The Guardian: Mexico declares all-out war after rising drug cartel downs military helicopter

* ‘The full force of the Mexican state will be felt in Jalisco’
* New Generation Jalisco Cartel killed 15 and 19 injured in coordinated attacks

Mexico has declared an all-out offensive against the relatively new drug cartel which shot down an army helicopter during a weekend of coordinated attacks across the western state of Jalisco which prompted fresh concerns over the latest escalation of the country’s drug wars.

Six soldiers were killed when gunmen from the New Generation Jalisco Cartel used a rocket-propelled grenade to bring down an army helicopter that was pursuing a cartel convoy on Friday, the national security commissioner, Monte Alejandro Rubido, told Televisa.

Update #1: New Generation cartel Mexico's latest menace -- AFP
Update #2: Recent Cartel Attacks In Guadalajara Are A Bad Sign For One Of Mexico's Economic Success Stories -- Nathaniel Parish Flannery, Forbes

WNU Editor: When your military helicopters are being shot down with rocket propelled grenades .... Mexican Army Helicopter Was Shot Down With Rocket-Propelled Grenades (WSJ) .... that is when you know that you do not have a police situation .... but a serious military problem.

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