Northrop Grumman concept for Long Range Strike Bomber, aka the B-3.

Robbin Laird, Breaking Defense: What The B-3 Bomber Should Be

The bomber has a long and distinguished history in the Air Force and its predecessor, the Army Air Corps. When the B-17 Flying Fortress was born, it was a controversial aircraft, but proved its worth when Nazi Germany controlled a continent and only the B-17 fleet could deliver strikes inside Nazi-controlled territory, thanks to the bomber’s range and payload.

But the road to the B-17 was not smooth. Before the war, fighter pilots and bomber advocates argued who was best and the bombers won, at great cost. B-17s flew unescorted into Nazi territory and their crews died in great numbers until long-range fighters were deployed. Since then, bombers and fighters have fought as interactive capabilities.

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 13, 2015

Russian engineers to make combat vehicles invisible to enemy thermal scopes -- ITAR-TASS

Re-commissioned? Soviet nuke-capable sub-killing copter comeback slated -- RT

First phase of Russian-Chinese naval drills over— Black Sea Fleet command -- ITAR-TASS

Russian, Chinese Warships to Enter Mediterranean on Thursday for Drills -- Sputnik

North Korea Didn’t Launch Submarine Missile, U.S. Officials Say -- Bloomberg

Military: SKorean soldier kills 2, shoots 2 other reservists -- AP

NATO to Allot $60Mln to Afghan Security Forces, Stay After 2016 -- Sputnik

RAF Typhoons scrambled to intercept Russian spy plane in latest high tension flashpoint -- Daily Mail

UK Spy Agency Recruits Hackers to Increase Mass Surveillance -- Sputnik

Turkey Ready to Form NATO Rapid Response Force in 2021 -- Sputnik

Airbus Holds First A400M Test Flight Since Crash -- Defense News/AFP

US Marine helicopter declared missing in Nepal -- BBC

US Army Plans Show-of-Force Exercise in Romania -- Defense News

US mulls sending military ships, aircraft near South China Sea disputed islands – report -- RT

U.S. Military Proposes Challenge to China Sea Claims -- WSJ

White House Says F-35s Not For Sale to Gulf Arab States -- DoD Buzz

Next-Generation Harpoon Missile Offered to Navy -- DoD Buzz

Special Operations: SOCOM Copes With Growth -- Strategy Page

Obama supports Patriot Act changes to nix NSA phone-snooping program -- Washington Times

Many of the NSA’s Loudest Defenders Have Financial Ties to NSA Contractors -- The Intercept

Infantry: Testing Another Generation Of Combat Droids -- Strategy Page

Ripsaw UGV Can Reload Itself in a Fight -- Defense Tech

Senate Subpanel OKs Funds for Reaper Drones -- Defense News

Northrop to receive $4bn worth of Global Hawk work through 2020 -- Flight Global

Military Stalls on Efforts to Repair Drone Troubles Depicted in ‘Good Kill’ -- US News and World Report

White House threatens veto on defense bill -- Washington Times

Pelosi to whip Dems against $612B defense policy bill -- The Hill

White House threatens 'alternative options' to close military bases -- The Hill

Benghazi prompts CIA to look at expanding survivor benefits -- FOX News/AP

Overkill on a C.I.A. Leak Case -- New York Times editorial

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