Financial Times: Moscow shows its military mettle in run-up to Victory Day parade

Russia paraded some of its most modern military gear, including the world’s most advanced tank, through the streets of Moscow on Monday in a rehearsal for a massed parade to mark the 70th anniversary of victory in the second world war on Saturday.

The decision by President Vladimir Putin to stage a display of cutting-edge weapons sends a powerful message about Moscow’s determination to project its power in its neighbourhood and globally.

During the hour-long rehearsal on Red Square on Monday night, the Armata T-14 was fully shown in public for the first time. Russian defence analysts say that with its remotely-controlled turret and an automatic loading system for its gun, the tank is superior to all existing tanks.

WNU Editor: The "big parade" will occur this Saturday. RT usually carries it live .... which I will link to in a post on that day.

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