Dubai has always been just a stop over for a connecting flight to Europe from Asia or for our trip to Toronto flying with Emirates. I was a bit curious to explore this desert and it certainly was steaming hot when I went there last May.
I flew with Malaysian airlines because it was the cheapest flight that I could get from Singapore to Dubai.So I had a brief stop over in Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur airport.
My friends and even my husband was curious why I chose to fly with Malaysia Airlines what with its two more recent disasters. But actually my flight was very comfortable with the seats a bit more spacious and the food was also better than other carriers.
There are two terminals in Dubai.One terminal is exclusively for the use of Emirates Airlines which is Dubai's National Carrier and the other terminal is used by the other airlines. Since I was flying with Malaysia Airlines , I landed on terminal 2.
These are palm trees(would you believe it) inside Terminal 2.
This is not a shopping mall but inside Terminal 2. Dubai airport is known for its duty free shopping so its just apt that they have huge areas for shopping.
You don't even have to go to the Gold Souks since the airport has a lot of jewels and gold all sold by weight and not necessarily because of the design.
Would you shop if it comes with a chance to win a luxury car or a luxury bike?
On my first and second days I confined myself to the interiors and mostly inside Malls. Dubai Mall is by far the biggest in the Arabian peninsula and here is where you can find almost anything including one of the world's biggest aquarium.
Imagine we are in the desert so a water feature has to be amazing. This waterfalls which has diving statues in it spans 4 floors of this huge mall and is located at the southern end of the mall.
If you want to get a closer view of the Burj Khalifah which is the tallest structure in the world you have to exit through the southern part of the mall which is where the Waterpark is located.
The most photographed structure in Dubai
The Waterpark at Burj Khalifah
You can take a boatride at the fountains infront of Burk Khalifah or simply watch the fountain show.
On my 3rd day I was itching to get home because I can't really stand the heat. So the aircon malls and the airport are really a respite for travellers like me.
The Departure Area
I guess Arabians like horses. I see horse photos and murals almost everywhere in Dubai. Reminds me of Arabian Knights.
My nightime departure was pretty interesting since I saw the nightlights in Dubai from my window.
I was famished so I practically swallowed everything of my satay dinner.
One thing I have learned from this trip is that the best time to go to Dubai is during December and January where I heard the weather is kinder to people like me who live in Canada.

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