I did it again! I have completed my Travel Plan for Spring of 2015. It involved flying in 4 continents : North America, Europe, Asia and Australia visiting 11 countries: Japan,Philippines,Hong Kong,Macau,Singapore,Malaysia,Korea, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Germany.
I flew on 10 flights and logged a total of 114.5 hours, flying with 7 airlines : Air Canada, ANA, Air Asia, Thai Airways,Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa.
Would I do it again? Yes fact I have another travel planned in summer!
1. April 6-7 Toronto to Manila via Tokyo
Airlines: Toronto to Frankfurt : Air Canada
Frankfurt to Tokyo onwards to Manila : Air Nippon Air (ANA)
Total Flying Time: 23 hours
2.April 11-13 Manila to Puerto Princesa Palawan
Airline: Air Asia
Total Return Flying Time:2.5 hours
3. April 14-16 Manila to Macau
Airline: Air Asia
Total Return Flying Time: 4 hours
4. April 20-22 ,Manila to Seoul,Korea
Airline: Air Asia
Total Return Flying Time:8 hours
5. April 25-27 Manila to Sydney via Bangkok
Airlines: Thai Airways, Air New Zealand
Total Flying Time: 12.5 hours
6. April 27-29, Sydney to Auckland
Airline: Air New Zealand
Total Flying Time:2 hours 55 min
7. April 29-30, Auckland to Singapore
Airline: Air New Zealand
Total Flying Time: 11 hours
8. May 6-8 Singapore to Dubai
Airline: Malaysia Airline
Total Flying time:15.5 hours
9. May 9-11, Singapore to Seoul via Hongkong
Airline: Cathay Pacific
Total Flying time:16 hours
Our Hong Kong Layover
Hong Kong from above on our way to Seoul
Departing from Seoul going back to Singapore after spending Mothers Day in Seoul
10. May 13-14 ,Singapore to Toronto via Frankfurt
Airline: Lufthansa
Total Flying Time:19 hours
Landing in Frankfurt after an 11 hour flight from Singapore
Taking the train for the Hauptbahnhof or Frankfurts Main Train Station (8 hours 30 minutes layover)
Finally arriving in Toronto after an 8 hour flight from Frankfurt

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