The Guardian: North Korea threatens strikes on South's navy in sea dispute

Military command says South Korean ships have been violating North’s territorial waters off west coast in dispute that has previously resulted in deadly clashes

North Korea’s military has warned of “unannounced targeted strikes” against South Korea’s navy – accusing the South of violating its territorial waters off the peninsula’s west coast, the scene of deadly naval clashes in the past.

Pyongyang’s warning comes during the annual crab fishing season, which runs until June in the waters off the west coast of the Korean peninsula. Naval forces from the two Koreas clashed during the same month in 1999 and 2002, with scores of sailors killed on both sides.

In March 2010 a South Korean navy ship was hit by a torpedo and sank off the west coast, killing 46 sailors. Seoul blames the attack on the North, although Pyongyang denies any role.

North Korea often issues threats via its state media against the United States and South Korea.

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