Oh no, oh no, oh no. Palmyra has fallen to ISIS, who already have despoiled Nineveh.

This is so terrible. It is a defect in me to be more moved by loss of ancient beauty than by loss of lives. Assad of course has been playing a double game, even helping ISIS while fighting the allegedly moderate rebels.

When I was in that wonderful place I had a lazy crooked guide who didn't show me the tombs which may soon no longer exist. I think many of the treasures have been removed from them. I saw only the ruins themselves in other words. Thank God the best things from Palmyra other than the ruins themselves are in the National Archaeological Museum in Damascus.

I was against intervention in the Syrian war before ISIS appeared. Now things are somewhat different, though the Assad regime is no better. The Americans should have cooperated with Syria, meaning Assad, to bomb ISIS away from Palmyra.

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