Bloomberg: Iranian Warships Join Yemen-Bound Cargo Vessel, Pentagon Says

Two Iranian warships have linked up with a cargo vessel that Iran says is delivering humanitarian aid to Yemen, the U.S. military said.

The ships joined up late on Monday and are now about halfway down the coast of Yemen, Army Colonel Steve Warren told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday. He said the U.S. is monitoring their progress “every step of the way” and isn’t “overly concerned.” The cargo vessel is due to dock at the Red Sea port of Hodeidah on May 21, according to Iranian state television.

The shipment is a direct challenge to Saudi Arabia’s blockade of Yemen’s ports, and has the potential to further escalate tensions in a region that adjoins some of the world’s biggest oilfields and key maritime transport routes.

Update: Iran Warships Escort Cargo Vessel Toward Yemen -- AP

WNU Editor: Two foreign activists on-board the Iranian aid ship are contradicting the Pentagon's report .... Iran aid vessel not escorted by Iranian warships: activists (Reuters)

Update: U.S. Weighs Military Options as Iran Cargo Ship Nears Yemen -- NBC

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