Three Isil fighters pose in Ramadi the Iraqi army 'abandoned' the city Photo: Twitter

The Telegraph: Iraqi army 'abandoned tanks, artillery and Humvees' to Isil in fall of Ramadi

Extent of Iraqi army chaos revealed by Pentagon alongside claims that corrupt officers sold battle plans to jihadists

The full extent of the Iraqi army’s failure in its defeat by Isil in the key western city of Ramadi has been revealed by Washington, which said it left behind tanks, armoured vehicles and other weapons to the jihadists.

A Pentagon spokesman said that the Iraqi security forces (ISF) abandoned “half dozen tanks” as it fled, along with a similar number of artillery pieces, even more armored personnel carriers and about 100 other vehicles such as Humvees.

The revelation - confirming previous claims by jihadist websites - came on top of allegations by an Iraqi adviser and analyst that army officers had been bribed by the jihadists to hand over plans for Ramadi’s defence.

Update: Iraqis abandoned US-supplied equipment in Ramadi -- Robert Burns, AP

WNU Editor: According to McClatchy these Iraqi military forces were the best .... Elite Iraqi units abandon Ramadi in biggest Islamic State win since Mosul (McClatchy) .... but even they were not enough to stop the Islamic State. If your best are not good enough .... sighhh .... the Iraqi government and the U.S. led coalition to confront the Islamic State is clearly in trouble.

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