Southern Ireland, where until the 1990s divorce was illegal, is about to vote on whether to institute homosexual marriage. Incredibly - this is Southern Ireland!-  all the political parties are in favour and people who are opposed are being told that they are bigots. 
The result will be affected by the decision yesterday to convict for some thought-crime some devout Christian bakers in Northern Ireland who refused to bake a cake with the slogan 'Support Gay Rights' on it. 
Society, as Arthur James  Balfour said, is constantly persecuting. It's always devout bakers whom homosexual activists persecute and try to ruin. There have been so many cases in different countries involving bakers being asked to bake cakes for homosexual weddings or with homosexualist slogans and what splendid moral courage the Christian bakers show.

The backlash against this decision may be enough to win the vote for No. Someone warned the electorate that if they voted no this time they would not get another chance to vote for ten years but but there will be another vote. The electorate will continue to vote until they get the answer right. Then no more votes.

If only we had G.K.Chesterton to argue against this folly, nonsense and wickedness. He spoke of
the modern and morbid weakness to sacrifice the normal to the abnormal.

He also believed in freedom which almost no-one does any more and in Christianity. And said:

Marriage is a fact, an actual human relation like that of motherhood, which has certain habits and loyalties, except for a few monstrous cases where it is turned to torture by insanity or sin.

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