Every Singapore citizen & Permanent resident has an IC or identity card. It facilitates all transactions in Singapore so its really important to have it updated for any changes.Since we changed citizenship last year, during this visit I had my IC changed at the Immigrations since I can't do the changes online.
For most transactions, the Singapore government has already made things faster by doing everything online.
When I was ready to pick up my new IC, I just went to the e lobby where there were these huge machines that spurn out ICs so one doesn't have to transact business with the officers just for collection.
The machine basically asks you to scan your old IC then will take your photo and your thumbprint to verify if you are the one collecting the IC. After this is done, the machine will release your IC like a vending machine. The machine does facial and thumbprint if your face and thumbprint doesn't match their records, it won't release your IC.
I guess its a cool way of dispensing government IDs.Don't you think so?

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