Threat Matrix: Islamic State releases new video from the Baiji oil refinery

In a newly released video from the Islamic State (embedded above), the jihadist group shows more fighting at the Baiji oil refinery. It is unclear when some of this footage was recorded, however, as some scenes were previously featured in other photo releases.

The video, which is the second part of the series from the refinery, shows fierce fighting between Islamic State militants and the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). Several scenes show the Islamic State using mortars, rockets, and rocket-propelled grenades against ISF positions. One scene shows several Iraqi aircraft overhead launching airstrikes while the Islamic State fires anti-aircraft weaponry into the sky. At least two suicide bombers were highlighted by the jihadist group, while another scene shows the group using a drone to monitor the progress of a suicide bomber.

Update #1: Islamic State Reportedly Captures Half of Iraq's Biggest Oil Refinery -- McClatchy News
Update #2: This oil refinery could be the next major front in the fight against ISIS -- Business Insider

WNU Editor: It was only two weeks ago that top U.S. General Dempsey said that Baiji was more strategic than Anbar and that Iraq's largest refinery was not at risk from the Islamic State .... Iraq’s Baiji refinery not at ‘risk’ from ISIS: U.S. (Al Arabiya/AFP).

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