A Navy officer, center, and two Army officers enter Camp VI at the detention center at the Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (Walter Michot / Miami Herald / MCT / August 6, 2012)

Wall Street Journal: Republicans Reject Calls on Guantanamo Bay Closure

Senate Republicans are rejecting renewed calls by Democrats and a retired Supreme Court justice to expedite closing Guantanamo Bay, saying they fear released detainees could pose a security threat.

In remarks to a legal group Monday, retired Justice John Paul Stevens said that the prison never should have been opened, and said that some detainees who were abused by U.S. forces or held for years after they were cleared for transfer should be entitled to reparations. Separately, three senior Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee wrote to President Barack Obama to complain that, with no detainee transfers since January, the odds of fulfilling his campaign pledge to shutter the prison were quickly ebbing.

Republicans disagreed on speeding up the closure of the facility, citing concerns about recidivism among released prisoners.

WNU Editor: Senate Republicans may oppose the closing of Guantanamo Bay, but President Obama has already signaled that he will use his executive authority to close Guanatanmo .... Obama Plans to Press Ahead With Guantanamo Bay Closure (WSJ). My prediction .... closure of the prison will become a campaign issue in the next Presidential/Congressional elections .... and it will hurt some Democrat candidates.

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