When you can hardly understand Korean, choosing a restaurant in busy Myeongdong is very hard.So hubby and I had to go around several alleys just to look at picture menus to choose a place to eat in.
Most restaurants in Korea specially in shopping areas like Myeongdong are in the inner alleys and at upper floors.SO most restaurants display their picture menus outside to attract diners. Some even hire mascots to direct traffic to their restaurants like the Cat House.
Our patient searching however was rewarded when we finally saw this place at M Plaza, just a stone throw away from our hotel. It is a non descript place(meaning we cant decipher its korean name) on the 4th floor of M Plaza which also has the Forever 21 store in Myeongdong.
DDang-ggeut-hae-ssal means The ends of the earth the sunshine.(literal translation of the restaurant name)
You can actually see their menu outside so you can choose if you know how to read Korean.
They donot have an extensive list of choices but what they serve is what they are good at.Hubby wanted to eat Beef Bulgogi so we ordered the Bulgogi set.
The portions for the set meals are huge enough to be shared by two persons.
Typical Korean spices and kimchi
Beef Bulgogi
Ripe Kimchi Stew
The Beef Bulgogi Set
Steamed Egg (souffle)
Korean Chopstick
The bill with a traditional wood paper clip

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