RT: Russian tanks on White House? Students protest Obama V-Day snub using 'projection'

A Russian youth group released a video seemingly showing activists projecting footage of the Moscow Victory Parade on to the walls of the White House in Washington, DC. The group blasted President Obama for undermining Russia’s WWII victory celebrations.

The YouTube clip, uploaded on Wednesday, appears to show World War II-era Soviet tanks and modern Russian armored vehicles rolling through Red Square – projected on to the wall of the US presidential residence by night. Some passers-by are seen taking videos of the giant projection.

The video, released by students of the Russian National Cinematographic School sets out to be more than just a prank, as it starts with a message addressing US President Barack Obama.

WNU Editor: This video is a prank (there was no video projection on the White House) .... but from my own point of view I felt weird while watching it. Russian tanks at the White House .... nope .... it does not feel right.

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