Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, left, stands with Saudi King Salman. SPA

IBTimes: Syria: Saudi-Turkish alliance backs 'Conquest Army' rebels to defeat Bashar al-Assad

Turkish officials have confirmed that Ankara has signed a pact with Saudi Arabia to help rebels fighting against embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The unusual, strategic alliance will provide "logistical and financial support" to the constellation of anti-Assad groups fighting on the ground, according to AP.

Earlier in April, the Huffington Post reported on high-level talks, brokered by Qatar, to form a military alliance to oust Assad. According to the report, Turkey would provide ground troops supported by Saudi Arabian air strikes, to assist moderate Syrian opposition against the regime forces. The US has so far refused to provide air cover to Turkish troops.

The alliance between two traditionally rival countries follows a general reconsideration of Saudi strategy in the region.

Update: Turkey confirms pact with Saudi to help anti-Assad rebels -- AP

WNU Editor: This is a significant agreement. ... and a clear sign that Saudi King Salman is following a different course from his predecessor.  And while I am not sure on the exact details of this "pact" .... I suspect that it is going to have an impact not only on the battlefield, but also on Iranian/Hezbollah calculations on how to defend Assad and his power base in Syria. Bottom line .... in the months to come expect the Syrian civil war to intensify.

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