Glen Carey, Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia Is Making Its First Real Attempt to Be a Military Power

In the more assertive Saudi Arabia that’s emerging after the Arab Spring, war is no longer taboo as an instrument of policy and Washington’s approval isn’t required.

Once known for cautious diplomacy, the oil-rich kingdom is turning more frequently to hard power. The shift has been under way since unrest swept across the Arab world in 2011. It accelerated after the succession of King Salman in January, and the promotion as defense chief of his son, who’s part of the Saudi delegation meeting President Barack Obama at Camp David on Thursday.

Since the overhaul, the Saudis have started an air war in Yemen against Shiite Muslim rebels they accuse of being tools of Iran.

WNU Editor: Saudi Arabia has spent the money to be a military power .... but spending money to be a military power and BEING a military are two separate things. But where it gets really scary is when countries like Saudi Arabia are no longer interested in just being a strong military power .... but something "bigger" .... Saudi Arabia Promises to Match Iran in Nuclear Capability (New York Times).

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